The logistics industry is getting ready for the future! Digitization ensures that companies remain competitive.

COURIERSManage time-critical transports without problems

Courier, express and parcel services (CEP services for short) often have a heavier order load than freight forwarders and have to call at several destinations per tour. In addition, they usually offer their customers a broader range of services than freight forwarders, such as the option of specially handled shipments of valuables, express shipments and the like. This poses very special challenges when it comes to delivering shipments. However, customized software solutions can optimize your company's processes in various ways. Learn more!

TRANSPORTATION COMPANIESEfficiently manage transportation and other logistics services

The task of transport companies of all kinds is to transport a wide variety of goods from A to B, by land, sea or air. Some specialize in special or hazardous goods, while others also offer transshipment or picking services. Passenger transportation is also a particular focus of transport companies. To meet the ever-increasing demands of the logistics industry, many companies make use of powerful software. Learn more!

FORWARDING AGENCIESCustomized transport, storage and distribution in freight transport

Forwarding agents are responsible for handling (usually large-scale) transport orders - from receiving and loading the goods to transporting them and delivering them to the customer. In addition, they often offer their business partners many other logistical services such as storage or packaging. These tasks naturally require a high degree of planning and coordination. Logistics software can support you in various ways. Learn more!

LOGISTICSOptimally plan and control value chains

Without functioning logistics, our economy comes to a standstill. Consequently, it is enormously important that purchasing, transport, storage and receipt of raw materials and goods proceed smoothly and on schedule. The demands on manufacturing companies, traders, transport companies and warehouse operators are immense in our globalized world and require precise planning, fast communication and constant process optimization. Logistics software helps the relevant companies and service providers to achieve this. Learn more!