Transport software with

integrated telematics.

sendOS I The logistics software for professionals

Planning program

for more flexibility

The world of transport is constantly changing – we understand that you therefore do not want to make large software investments. The advantage of our dispatch software is its flexible use without a contract commitment. sendOS is available to you for as long as you wish. You can cancel the use of the dispatch software on a monthly basis, add and remove licences – so you can easily adapt to new challenges.

Disposition software

Always up-to-date

The monthly licence fee includes both the latest developments of the software and professional support via our ticket system. As a user of the fleet management software, you always work with the latest software version and benefit from new functions as well as security protocols. You encounter application problems or other difficulties? Don’t worry, with sendOS you can rely on fast, professional support.


is the top priority

Those who use our transport software benefit from more security. Whether regular backups or adjustments to protocols and applications or data storage in our high-performance data centre – we ensure that your sensitive data remains hidden from unauthorised eyes.

Cloud Services

for more satisfaction

Put your trust in System Logistics 2.0 and use our cloud storage. As part of the software solution, we offer you a cloud service that gives the term “flexibility” a whole new meaning. But what is a cloud? If you use sendOS with Cloud Service, you have access to your documents and business transactions with all mobile devices such as tablet PC, iPad or Android models. In combination with the Cloud for free, the fleet management software allows you to work in your home office, hotel or any other location. Consequently, there is only one answer to the question “What is cloud?” – a service that makes your entire (professional) life easier.